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“My daughter has developed socially and has learned new sign language and how to express herself more, verbally and using gestures.  I loved the behavioral plan used on her, it showed great positive reinforcement and gave her more direction and discipline. She has definitely grown fonder of music and the microphone!”

​Parent, TPP of GNO 2013 

“The volunteers were amazing and made me, as a parent, comfortable to leave my daughter for rehearsals knowing she would be taken care of. The performance was amazing. It allowed these children to be a part of something that accepted them the way they are! My daughter always looked forward to her rehearsals. She looked forward bringing her folder and was ready to go. TPP of GNO went above and beyond my expectations. I’m so thankful she had this opportunity!" 
Parent, TPP of GNO 2013
"The thing I liked most about TPP of GNO was seeing the friendships form between the performers, and watching their progress from week to week."
Volunteer, TPP of GNO 2013

"I loved TPP of GNO! It was awesome, awesome, awesome! The patience they had with my children was just awesome. I felt comfortable with leaving them [at rehearsal]. I was so proud at the performance! My kids are normally not included in theater programs. I wish this program can be included in schools’ curriculums." 
Parent, TPP of GNO 2013


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