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Understanding Section 504 Webinar!

Past Webinar!



Understanding Section 504 Webinar!


This workshop is designed to give parents and professionals a working knowledge of The Rehabilitation Act of 1973 Section 504. The law is designed to eliminate discrimination on the bases of disability in any program or activity receiving federal funds. Attendees will leave with a better understanding of Section 504 and how it might ensure a student that attends a public school receives a free and appropiate public education.


Please Watch: Understanding Section 504 at:


This workshop is made possible through a partnership with MHSD and the LDOE.

Past Webinar! Functional Behavior Assessments and Behavior Intervention Plan

Past Webinar!


Participants will learn about the FBA Process, behavior plans and goals that can be built into a child's

Individualized Education Plan (IEP)


This workshop is made possible through a partnership the LDOE and Metropolitan Human Services District

Past Webinar: IEP 101 The Beginning

IEP 101 The Beginnin (Recording)


Each public school child who receives special education and related services must have an IEP designed to meet his/her unique needs. The foundation of this program is the IEP which is developed by a team of individuals which includes the parent(s). This webinar will provide an overview of the major components of the IEP.
Participants will also learn the laws that affect special education in Louisiana and will receive an overview of parents' rights and responsibilities

When: August 17,2016 - September 17, 2016
Where: The comfort of your Home, Office and even your smartphone!

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