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  • We provide workshops on caregivers, transition, education, Individualized Education Plans (IEP), 504Plans, school and family partnerships, healthcare, advocacy and more

  • Register for our latest workshops by calling 504-943-0343 or going to the upcoming events page





  • All of our employees are parents or siblings of someone with a disability or are an individual with a disability themselves (a self-advocate)

  • We provide continuous information, guidance and support from parents, siblings and self-advocates






  • We provide resources for evaluations, medical services, Medicare, Medicaid and crisis intervention 

  • We provide information on community programs, services and opportunties 

  • We provide educational materials, publications and disability-friendly apps

  • Check out our Lending Library for free books and DVDs




What We Do

Information & Referral
Education & Training
Peer-to-Peer Support

FHF of SELA offers three, free core services:

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